New Eclipse Chain Completion Improvements and Hippie Privacy Settings

Codetrails has just released Eclipse Recommenders 2.1.12 and Codetrails Connect 1.3.0. So what’s new? Let’s have a look ...

Eclipse Recommenders 2.1.12

While we have mainly focused on bug fixes for this release, we have also responded to user requests regarding the chain completion facility. As well as being accessible via Content Assist, Call chains are also integrated into Quick Fix. The chain proposals now appear below the Quick Fix proposals allowing you to more quickly apply a fix.

Additionally, you now have the option to either enable or disable the appearance of chain completion proposals within Quick Assist. Just navigate to the Chains preference page (Preference > Code Recommenders > Completions > Chains) and check or uncheck the Show chain completion proposals in quick assist as required. Simple! By default, call chains are disabled in Quick Assist.

Codetrails Connect 1.3.0

For Codetrails Connect we have made some improvements to Hippie Completion allowing the user to specify which completion events they share. After installing the new version, the first time you select a Content Assist proposal a new Completion Event Sharing dialog will appear, courtesy of  the Privacy Framework developed by Yasser Aziza.

Here you may choose how you wish to help improve the Hippie Completions proposals. By choosing to share your Completion Events you will allow us to improve the accuracy of future proposals, not just for you, but for developers all over the world. You even have the freedom to specify from which packages you would like to share your completion events. With the Completion Events entry highlighted in the tree just press the Configure button to display a list of well known packages.

If you wish you can include your e-mail address as part of the information forwarded during each Completion Event. Don’t worry though, this will only be used to send you notifications regarding Codetrails Connect. If you choose to do this, then upon pressing OK a new dialog will appear where you can enter your address.

Of course, all of these options can later be configured in the Preferences. Just go to Preferences > General > Privacy to configure which information you share and to Preferences > Codetrails Connect > Network to add or change your address. Also, for those of you operating behind a proxy we have enabled the ability to contribute completion events. Just go to the Network Connections Preference page (Preferences > General > Network Connections) to configure your settings.

Finally, a cherry on top. You know that pause that occurs when you first enter Eclipse and trigger Content Assist with Codetrails Connect installed? Well, this is a thing of the past. The wait time is now no longer than would be usual for subsequent triggers to Content Assist.

We hope these improvements will positively affect your Eclipse experience. For Eclipse Recommenders you can view a comprehensive list of changes at the Changelog. Visit our New and Noteworthy page for a list of new features to Codetrails Connect. Please continue to report any issue you may encounter.

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