EclipseCon France 2015 - Add Your Talk to a Great Mix

Eclipse has a vibrant community. This is particularly evident when attending EclipseCon France.

What I especially like about the French (but English speaking) branch is its great mix of talks. EclipseCon France did not start out with the intention of being just another home for great technology talks. With its Unconference day, Ignite talks and special technology tracks it also offers plenty of room for additional emerging topics and technologies which are especially relevant for industries. It also aims to provide a great environment for the numerous Eclipse Industry Working Groups such as Automotive, Polarsys, and Eclipse Science in order to foster the collaboration, presentation and discussion of novel ideas and to help find new partners in industry.

As such the EclipseCon France 2015 program committee is looking for a great mix of talks on well-known technologies, emerging (industry-related science) topics, and also those showcasing the benefits of, for instance, using code quality tools, code review tools, and testing frameworks in your company. For example, which obstacles you had to overcome in order to get your team using such tools. In other words, talks from which developers can learn about how to improve themselves and their team. Personally, I’d also like to see a couple more talks reporting experiences of how to get en vogue software development processes right in your company.

So, if you introduced new tools or changed your team’s development process and would like to talk about it, submit a talk to EclipseCon France. I’ll be glad to see your submission.

If you work on an amazing research project that has the potential to change our daily developer life, submit a talk. I’ll happily attend your session.

If you breath code and want to talk about other cool stuff that does not fit existing categories, let us know.

But remember: the deadline is fast approaching, April 14! Your proposal should clearly state your target audience and what will be learned by attending your session.

See you at EclipseCon France in June,

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