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Test Analytics With TestRoots WatchDog

Do you know how much of your development effort goes into testing? The TestRoots project’s WatchDog is an Eclipse plugin developed at TU Delft that tells you exactly how long you are working on your tests. And thanks to Eclipse Code Recommender’s latest release (2.1.11), it is now possible to install WatchDog with just 4 clicks from within your Eclipse IDE.

“How much should I test?” is a question that I often hear from my students as well as from experienced programmers. Unfortunately, I cannot give them a simple answer. So who am I? My name is Moritz Beller, and I’m pursuing a PhD at the Technical University of Delft in the Software Engineering Research Group of Prof. Arie van Deursen. Our aim in the group is to empirically explore how software engineers work in practice, and, based on this knowledge, to help them write better software.