Sponsored OSS Development: Making Snipmatch 2.3 fit for any language

The following is an experience report by Klaus Landsdorf and Stefan Macke, two developers working at Alte Oldenburger Krankenversicherung AG, a German health insurance provider, about how sponsored Open-Source Development made Code Recommenders Snipmatch work for their use case: managing hundreds of code snippets for several languages (other than Java).

Among other languages, Alte Oldenburger Krankenversicherung AG uses Software AG’s Natural, a 4GL programming language optimized for accessing Adabas databases. As Natural requires quite a bit of boilerplate code, over time the development team accrued a collection of nearly 1,000 code snippets that relieved us from manually writing all this boilerplate code. But a collection of snippets this large requires the right tool to manage it.

At first, Eclipse’s built-in code templates feature seemed a good solution to this problem. Unfortunately, managing a collection of snippets this large as code templates turned out to be quite cumbersome.

Imagine: You deliver broken software but no one tells you…

Automated Error Reporting and UI Freeze Detection for Eclipse Mars Milestones

Christmas is just around the corner. Besides being a contemplative time, this is also an unmistakable sign that the Eclipse community is already halfway there on its journey towards the next annual simultaneous release. As in the years before, there will (likely) be more than 70 participating projects, with more than 700 people contributing more than 60 million lines of code. And somewhere, hidden within these 60 million lines, there will be bugs. Unavoidably.

Perspective switch: Imagine it’s June and you’ve just downloaded the latest annual Eclipse release. You are curious about all the new features that have been implemented in the last year and maybe it even feels a bit like unwrapping a Christmas present in June. But as you start working with it, you notice that some things do not always work as expected. Nothing severe yet, but it starts getting annoying. Then you open the error log and see that slowly, but steadily, it starts to fill up...

Codetrails Announces Seed Investment by High-Tech Gründerfonds

Big Data Makes Life Easier for Software Developers

Software systems not only pervade more and more industries, but they are also growing more and more complex. But regardless of whether software developers have to understand yesterday’s legacy systems or tomorrow’s hot technologies, one question is always the same: How do I tell the machine what to do? Using Big Data, the young company Codetrails GmbH answers this question for Java developers. High-Tech Gründerfonds funds the spin-off of TU Darmstadt to further Codetrails’ capabilities of automated knowledge transfer and bug detection.

Codetrails meets with Hessian Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir

During a visit of Tarek Al-Wazir at Technische Universität Darmstadt (Darmstadt University of Technology), Codetrails had the opportunity to demonstrate to the Hessian Deputy Minister-President and Minister of Economics, Energy, Transportation and Regional Development why we think that “programming is predictable” and how this fact can boost a software-development team’s efficiency.